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Bobby at the Rio Grande
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Bobby Smith_campaign23-11RESIZED.png

Raising the Bar for Orange County Sheriff

Bobby Smith, a seasoned law enforcement veteran with an impressive 29-year track record in criminal and traffic law, proudly presents himself as the Republican candidate for Orange County Sheriff. Bobby firmly believes that there is no greater responsibility than safeguarding the cherished citizens of Orange County. In an ever-evolving landscape of threats, both traditional and new, he is unwavering in his commitment to protect Orange County with the highest levels of competence and integrity.

Recently retired from the distinguished ranks of the Texas Rangers, where he led one of the nation's most renowned and prestigious law enforcement agencies, Bobby Smith humbly seeks your support to become the next Orange County Sheriff.

Bobby exemplifies a collaborative spirit, effectively working alongside all law enforcement agencies. He has cultivated robust professional relationships with first responders, emergency services personnel, and prosecutorial agencies at the local, state, and federal levels.

Orange County can anticipate a significant elevation in professionalism, integrity, accountability, excellence, and teamwork under Bobby's leadership at the Orange County Sheriff's Office. He is committed to implementing rigorous training programs and ensuring proper equipment, thereby equipping personnel to excel in the performance of their duties. Moreover, Bobby's approach is rooted in continuous evaluation, where he listens to the voices of the community to determine the most pressing needs of Orange County.

Bobby's vision extends towards making the Orange County Sheriff's Office a premier law enforcement agency, underpinned by hard work, dedication, and unwavering transparency. Transparency will be a cornerstone of his administration, as he is determined to ensure that the actions of the Orange County Sheriff's Office are well-understood and communicated effectively to the people of Orange County.

In his quest to "Raise the Bar" in Orange County, Bobby Smith invites you to cast your vote for him as Orange County Sheriff in 2024. Together, let's elevate our community's safety, integrity, and accountability to new heights.

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