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Endorsed by Sam Kittrell 

Chief of Police (Retired)

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Endorsed by Gary Hinton 

Retired Texas DPS Trooper and Investigator, Orange County Sheriff’s Office

"To the good people of Orange County, 


As a retired Texas DPS trooper and investigator with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office of 42 years, I have seen firsthand the critical impact leadership has within our law enforcement agencies. The authority vested in these positions… to guard constitutional rights, to protect lives, and even, in grave circumstances, to take life… is immense and solemn. It is with this deep understanding and respect for the responsibilities of the Sheriff's office that I  endorse Texas Ranger, Commander Bobby Smith for the position of Sheriff of Orange County.


Texas Ranger Bobby Smith is not just another candidate. His exemplary service record speaks of integrity, courage, and a deep commitment to justice. Throughout his career, Ranger Smith has demonstrated an unwavering dedication to the principles of law enforcement and a profound respect for the rights and dignity of all citizens. His actions have consistently reflected the virtues of honesty, fairness, and a steadfast commitment to the common good… values that are foundational to effective and righteous leadership.


Moreover, Ranger Smith's ability to lead by example and inspire those around him aligns seamlessly with Biblical teaching. His leadership style fosters an environment of trust and respect, both within the Sheriff’s Office and in all the communities in Orange County. This ability to connect and build bridges is crucial in these times when unity, transparency, and mutual understanding are more important than ever during these times we live in.


Ranger Smith's approach to law enforcement and community engagement resonates with the Biblical principle of servant leadership, as exemplified by Jesus Christ. He understands that to lead is to serve, and this perspective is vital in a role that holds such power over life and liberty. His record shows a clear pattern of putting the needs of the community and his fellow officers above his own, reflecting the ethos of Philippians 2:3-4: "Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of you look not only to his own interests but also to the interests of others."


In Ranger Bobby Smith, we have a candidate who embodies the moral and ethical standards that all of us should cherish and uphold. His commitment to justice, combined with his compassionate approach to law enforcement, makes him the ideal candidate for Sheriff of Orange County.


I urge every person and every Believer to join me in supporting Texas Ranger Bobby Smith for Sheriff, for in him, we have not just a law enforcement officer, but a leader who respects and upholds the values that promote truth, justice, unity, and righteous leadership. 




Gary Hinton  

Texas DPS Trooper and Investigator, Orange County Sheriff’s Office (retired)"


Endorsed by Orange County Freedom Caucus

Endorsed by John Kimbrough

"I have been honored to serve as the Orange County District Attorney for the past thirty years. I have
known and worked with every Sheriff, Police Chief, and every investigator from every agency who
worked on major cases. Accordingly, I believe I have a unique perspective on the qualities needed to be
an outstanding Sheriff.
I have known Bobby Smith for more than twenty years and have worked closely with him on many
important and complex investigations. His training and experience is far beyond what our other local
law enforcement officials possess. I consider Bobby Smith to be one of the top law enforcement
professionals in the country.
His honesty, integrity, experience and training sets him apart from all other candidates and he is
exactly what we need as Orange County expands its population and industrial base into the future.
Please join me, my friends and my family in supporting Bobby Smith for Orange County Sheriff.

John Kimbrough"

Endorsed by Buster Ascol

"Friends and family in Orange County, it is a great honor to publicly endorse and support Bobby Smith for sheriff.

Many of you know that I spent over 25 years serving in the Air Force. During my time in the military I had the opportunity to serve with some great leaders and honorable people. I believe my experiences have given me a good sense of what qualities a great leader has, and I’m telling you, Bobby Smith is the type of man you want as sheriff. He has the qualities of a great leader.

Before I met Bobby I heard of his career and qualifications in law enforcement. I knew his background and credentials made him abundantly qualified to be our sheriff. Then I got to meet him in a chance encounter. We shared stories of our experiences and how those experiences make us better equipped to serve our community. After that meeting, I was convinced there was no better candidate to be our next sheriff.

So friends and family, join me this election and vote for Bobby Smith. A man with integrity and honor. A man who has dedicated his life to the service of others and his community. A man that will unite our county and our law enforcement agencies. A man that will get the job done! Vote Bobby Smith for our next sheriff of Orange County!"

"Knowing retired Texas Ranger Major Bobby Smith, it is clear this man is special. With all of the resources and contacts he has around the state, his vast experience, and the specialized trainings he has received, he would be an asset to any Law Enforcement Agency.

We would be very lucky to have Bobby Smith working for all of us as Sheriff.

I am asking you to join me in endorsing Bobby Smith for Orange County Sheriff."

Endorsed by Kevin Williams

Endorsed by Keith Merritt, Orange County Sheriff (RET.)

"Message from Keith Merritt.

To all my friends and citizens of Orange County:

I would like to go on record with my endorsement and support for Bobby Smith as the next Orange County Sheriff.

I have spent over 25 years as an elected official in Orange County as a Constable for Pct.1 (14 years) and as your Sheriff for 11.5 years. As an elected official, you must be voted into office by the citizens every four years. I have been truly blessed to be trusted by my friends and citizens to have served you as a Law Enforcement Officer.

I have met and worked with many fine dedicated Law Enforcement Officers over the years. I continue to remain friends with these fine folks.

I have known Bobby Smith for over 20 years. When I first met Bobby, who was a Highway Patrolman at the time, you realized real quick Bobby is a professional with a deep desire to provide the best Law Enforcement services. It did not take Bobby long to promote up in rank over the years with the Texas Department of Public Safety. Retiring from the Texas Rangers at the rank of Major is a tremendous accomplishment.

As Sheriff, I have worked with Bobby on several very sensitive cases when he was a Texas Ranger assigned to the Orange County area. Bobby has always been a man of integrity, strong ethical principles with the highest of moral character. Bobby is always willing to help in any way he can with his years of knowledge and expertise. He has built up a list of contacts and resources that can benefit Orange County in a time of need.

Please take the time to review Bobby's Professional Work History, Certifications and Trainings as well as his Education. I feel certain you will agree Bobby is the best and only choice for the next Sheriff of Orange County.

I humbly ask that the citizens of Orange County join me in supporting Bobby Smith as our next Sheriff of Orange County.


Keith Merritt"

Endorsed by Mark Philpott, (RET.) Constable Pct. 3

"Babette and I are supporting and voting for Bobby Smith for Orange County Sheriff. I have known Bobby through our law enforcement careers for many years. Bobby will bring honesty, integrity, and leadership back to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office by raising the bar. - Mark Phillpott, Retired Constable Pct. 3"

Endorsed by the Sabine Area Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO

"January 14, 2024. Congratulations! You have received the endorsement of the Committee on Political Education (COPE) of the Sabine Area Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO. You are now authorized to use the phrase “Endorsed by the Sabine Area Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO” in your campaign materials.

Endorsed by John Tarver Chief Deputy (RET.) Orange County Sheriff's Office


"Support Bobby Smith for Orange County Sheriff 
I support whole heartedly Bobby Smith for Sheriff of Orange County.
     Hello good citizens of Orange County, my name is John Tarver and I spent the vast majority of my life (43 years) trying to provide a service protecting lives and property within the jurisdictions I served regarding Texas and Federal law. It was my life’s ambition to be a law enforcement officer.
     During my 43 years of working for the good people of this county I met Bobby Smith about 20 years ago. The first time I met him he impressed me as being a professional. As years went by and I had more contact with Ranger Smith I realized and he proved he was in fact a professional law enforcement officer. When our paths would cross regarding a case the question, he would ask is what do you need, and what can I do to help. He provided each and every time.
     During our time working together I found Bobby to be a man of integrity and truth. He always held strongly to moral and ethical principles and values. He was then and is now a man of integrity.  
     We the people deserve the best for Sheriff of Orange County, and I believe that man to be Bobby Smith. Let’s help him “Raise the Bar” in the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and vote for Bobby. His knowledge and experience are extremely valuable for the citizens of Orange County. His leadership is beyond reproach. 
John Tarver"

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